Ignoring the Submissive

Master is ignoring me, has been for four hours, im hoping he fell asleep as he set 10pm for play time with me and i never got a reply from him since 9.30pm….

I feel like im going slightly crazy always checking to see if he’s seen my messages on facebook but he hasn’t

I hate this its almost like a punishment when he does this to me it sets my anxiety off big time and makes my mind think about things i shouldn’t be thinking about, Master hates my jealously and thats where my mind goes right there and its terrible… i hate that it happens

Its 2.09 am and im trying not to think about bad stuff, the unspoken word we have of dont ask if you dont wanna know is really eating at me sometimes i dont want to know about Master touching looking kissing or fucking other women I just want to be with him wrapped up in his arms listeningto the sound of him breathing his heart beating in sync with mine

I feel so stupid wanting that just wanting Master close to me but im still a women who has needs next to being his Submissive

So long for now

Sugar xx

Ignoring the Submissive

4 thoughts on “Ignoring the Submissive

  1. ramblingsofthemanyhats says:

    I know this feeling all too well.
    They will probably never understand that need because to them we are theirs, they don’t always understand that they aren’t solely ours, and that can pull at our hearts terribly.
    The silence is the worst place to be!

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  2. ourglitteringthistle says:

    Being ignored = abandonment in my book and is a hard limit for me. 😦 I’m so sorry you’re having such a tough time. *hugs*



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